The world is changing and so are we... enjoy our up front lowest ever conveyancing fees!

We're just like you... we have children, family, friends, debts and pets of our own and that's precisely what makes us so different to our competitors.

We know what it's like to succeed and to struggle and we want to be there for you and make sure there's more in your pocket for the moments that matter.

Knowing what you get yourself into is important...

That's why we're not afraid to disclose our up front lowest ever conveyancing fees*

Sales: $385.00

Purchases: $695.00

Our client's are just like our family... we cry together, laugh together and push through the tough times together. So let's work together. Enjoy our mates rates, which will relieve you of the stress and pressure of selling or buying a home.

*Important: our lowest ever residential property conveyancing fees is only applicable to this practice and does not include third party expenses / outlays, which are in additional to any prices indicated in this publication.

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