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About Us

Our Promise

We promise to provide friendly, efficient and cost effective legal services to our clients, in their time and their language.


Our History


There's a reason why we have been around since 1983, and it's not just because we are good at what we do. We're revolutionising how legal services are provided to the everyday person. 

​We provide legal services to clients throughout Australia with a primary emphasis on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas.


Some of our practice areas include conveyancing, wills and estates, family law, commercial law, businesses and leasing, litigation, debt collection and criminal and traffic law.


We can also provide representation in all Magistrate, District and Supreme Courts and are able to assist with probate applications, elder law, Enduring Power of Attorneys, Advance Health Directives and more. In complex matters, we also engage experienced barristers and other expert advisers to ensure our clients have the highest possible legal representation whilst also controlling costs.


Our Philosophy


Our philosophy of Real Problems, Real Solutions, Real Results underpins our culture and who we are.

Real Problems

We are real people with real problems just like you. We have the life experience to understand what you are going through and how to help you in a way that you can understand and will appreciate.

Real Solutions

We want to solve your matter and get the job done in a timely manner by giving you real solutions. It's the small things that make the big difference and that's why we are committed to keeping it simple and not complicating things.

Real Results

When you are entering the legal system, the first thing you look for is someone who can achieve your goals by getting real results. This is at the heart of what we do and we do it everyday.


Our Team


We are ready to help you with your matter, in your language and on your time.


As the founder of Richard Hoare & Co, Richard is committed to seeing our growth and development  through the provision of consultancy work to our solicitors.

Richard Hoare



Hailey is highly skilled with over 15 years industry experience, and has significant conveyancing knowledge and management skills.

Hailey Lilley

Conveyancing Manager


Adrian is our managing partner and an integral part of the business. He is committed to overseeing all practice areas, where his experience is highlighted.

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Adrian Hawkes



Kaylene carries nearly 10 years of experience in residential conveyancing matters, with proficiency at all stages.

Kaylene Lyons

Senior Paralegal

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Scott is a partner and key-driver of our development, innovation and continued growth. He's experienced in complex litigation at the State and Federal level.

Scott Green



Sasha brings over a decade of conveyancing experience, with proven results in electronic conveyancing and commercial matters.

Sasha Jensen

Senior Paralegal


Michael carries decades of experience in Family law and criminal matters, and is experienced in the Family and Federal Court, carrying himself with empathy and adaptability.

Michael Shaw

Senior Associate


Caitlin brings extensive experience in customer service, with proven results and emerging skills in administrative and conveyancing support.

Caitlin Stewart

Junior Paralegal

Other Staff

Shelley Holland

Senior Paralegal

With over 25 years experience, Shelley works in management, conveyancing and estates, where her national and internal wealth of knowledge is demonstrated.

Helena Lange


Bringing dedication and strong background in Family Law, Helena is able to handle any situation with confidence and excellence.

Christopher Sampson

Marketing & Support

Bringing diverse experience in marketing roles and emerging technologies, Christopher has helped strengthen RHC's identity and platforms.

Our people are our strongest assets. They are the difference between having a relatable person fighting for you and being able to trust in what we do and how we do it. Our philosophy of "real problems, real solutions, real results" means that you will have someone on your level who truly understands your matter and can achieve your goals.

Adrian Hawkes

Navigating the legal system is complex and the last thing a person wants is another lawyer who is not on their level. That’s why our team is friendly, relatable and focused. Our culture is about good relationships and how we form them and maintain them. This means that you can have peace of mind and call on us at any time.

Scott Green