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RHC Solicitors have extensive experience in wills and estates, including contesting or challenging a Will. Our Queensland lawyers are strongly connected to prominent estate professionals and barristers and understand the complexities and requirements when it comes to the grounds to challenge or contest a Will.

In Queensland, if a person believes a Will to be invalid (for example, there was undue influence or capacity issues), then they can commence proceedings to challenge the Will. This process is about arguing the Will is not valid and should not be approved by a court and consequently a Grant of Probate should not issue.


To challenge a Will, it is important to establish an interest in the deceased’s persons estate. To do this, a interested person needs to show that they are an eligible person, or would be so if the Will was set aside by the court and intestacy provisions would apply. In Queensland, the most common interested parties include:


  • Beneficiaries

  • An executor of the Will (or a former Will)

  • A spouse, civil partner or de facto (and in some cases former ones)

  • A dependent

  • A child or step-child

  • Person who would otherwise receive something from the estate if there Will were set aside


Most commonly, the reasons to challenge a Will include:

  • Undue influence

  • Lack of capacity

  • The formal requirements under the Succession Act 1981 (Qld) have not been met

  • The testator did not know or otherwise understand the content of the Will

  • There are suspicious circumstances surrounding the making of the Will

  • There is fraud or forgery involved

There are many types of estate disputes which can arise for various reasons. 

Some of these which we can help you with include:

  • family provision applications

  • capacity concerns

  • undue influence

  • unusual circumstances when making a Will

  • interpretation issues

  • informal Wills

  • breach of duty by Executors or administrators

Whatever the situation is, it is very important that you act quickly in case of a time limit passing and preventing you from taking action.

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