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Drug Offences & Crimes

Experienced Drug Lawyers in Logan & Brisbane

If you’re facing a drug charge, it is important to engage the right lawyers who can provide accurate information about your rights, obligations, and defences to the charge.

Understand Your Rights


There are many types of drug charges that a person could be charged with and depending on the type depends on what the police must prove and the penalties that apply, or even which will hear your matter.


It is important that you get experienced court representatives so that you have the best possible defence or a reduced sentence based on your circumstances.


We will always discuss your options and defences and prepare your matter to ensure that the best result of obtained.


Everyone makes mistakes. If you have made one and have been charged with a drug-related offence, call us now to obtain the right advice. We will take you through the process from the initial steps to the charges and sentencing process.

Arrests & Questioning


If you’ve been arrested or called for questioning, it is important to remember your presumption of innocence. This is the essence of how the Australian criminal justice system works, and why it is vital that you never speak to a police officer without first talking to a lawyer.


Your obligation is always to first tell the officer of your legal name, your date of birth and your address. In some cases, you may also need to provide identification material such as your fingerprints if you have been served with a certain notice. However, you are not obligated to answer any other question and nor should you do so. That is, you should always exercise your right to silence.


Be cautious of any representation by a police officer of an ‘off the record’ conversation. These simply do not exist and anything you say or do will be used against you at some stage and event limit or prevent strong defences later on.


It is always crucial to immediately seek legal advice as anything you say will be held against you later, and is likely to have a significant impact on the outcome of your matter.

How RHC Solicitors Help

We have experienced drug lawyers across Queensland. We deal with the police and attend the Magistrates Court and District Court every day and have handled thousands of drug offence matters. We're affordable lawyers and often offer fixed fee quotes so that you know exactly what is ahead.

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