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Weapons Offences

Firearms & Weapons Offences In Brisbane

Our experienced team of solicitors understand the complexities of offences related to weapons.

These offences can include:

  • Offences relating to sale and disposal of weapons in Queensland

  • Unlawful alteration of identification marks on weapons

  • Going armed in public

  • Modification and construction or action of firearms

  • Dangerous conduct with a prohibited weapon

  • Possessing and/or acquiring:

    • Handcuffs or thumbcuffs

    • Restricted items

    • Nunchakus or king-fu sticks

    • Air rifles

    • Break action shotguns or rifle combination

    • Bullet proof vests or body armour

    • Chinese throwing irons

    • Crossbows

    • Flick knives

    • Hand guns

    • Knuckledusters

    • Machine guns or submachine guns

    • Pump action shortfunds with a magazine capacity no greater than 5 rounds

    • Military style firearms

    • Pistol crossbow

    • Single or double barrel shot guns

    • telescopic batons

    • Unregistered firearms

  • Possession of a knife in a public place or school

  • Possession of weapons under the influence of liquor or a prohibited drug

  • Secure storage of weapons

  • Shortening firearms

  • Unlawful supply of weapons​

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How RHC Solicitors Help

We have experienced weapons offence lawyers across Queensland. We deal with the police and attend the Magistrates Court and District Court every day and have handled thousands of assault and weapon offence matters.

We're affordable lawyers and often offer fixed fee quotes so that you know exactly what is ahead.

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