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Workplace Relations during a Team Meeting

Workplace Relations

Delivering Strategic Workplace Solutions For Leading Employers

At RHC Solicitors, we combine experience and knowledge with strategy to deliver you exceptional results. Industrial relations is at the heart of what we do and we are good at it.

Experience From Local Industries to Leading Global Organisations


At RHC Solicitors, we offer guidance to both employers and employees on various employment issues. Our comprehensive services cover a wide spectrum of matters, including employment contracts, underpaid wage claims, unfair and unlawful dismissals, enterprise agreements, small, medium, large and specialist employment contracts and workplace audits.

Some of our recent work includes developing fixed-term contracts for entertainment production companies that work with some of America’s Hollywood A-listers, working on employment contracts for an international events management company, and developing workplace contracts, policies and procedures for one of the Gold Coasts award-winning doggy day-cares, Fetch N Fun Wellness and Daycare.

For matters involving specific legal areas, such as unfair and unlawful dismissals, it is crucial to remember these have stringent time limits. In these circumstances, it is prudent to act promptly, as any application must be submitted to the Fair Work Commission within 21 days of the dismissal taking effect. Delaying may jeopardise any chances of seeking redress.

Areas of Workplace Relations

Employment Law covers a large range of legal matters. Some of the employment law services we can offer include:

  • Employment advice: covering contracts, claims, restraints of trade, confidentiality obligations, underperformance or misconduct, discrimination, harassment, recruitment, illness, injury or death, workplace policies and procedures, awards or minimum conditions and otherwise


  • Unlawful dismissals: including providing advice on general protections claims (pregnancy, disabilities and so on), attending and preparing for the Fair Work Commission hearings or conciliatory conferences, appealing decisions and defending unfair or false unlawful dismissal claims


  • Harsh, unjust or unreasonable dismissals: including preparing the claims or defence, attending and preparing for the Fair Work Commission hearings or conciliatory conferences, jurisdictional objections and enforcing orders or appealing decisions


  • Bullying: including providing advice on this and responding to workplace complaints, attending and preparing for the Fair Work Commission hearings or conciliatory conferences, and responding to or advising on orders and preparing appeals


  • Underpayment of wages or entitlements claims: including superannuation, unpaid leave or bonuses or commissions, enforcement the terms of an employment contract or award entitlement or otherwise responding to such claims and exercising the right of set-off under employment contracts


  • Enterprise agreements: including drafting and negotiating enterprise agreements, voting and approvals, attending and preparing for the Fair Work Commission hearings or conciliatory conferences,, varying or terminating enterprise agreements and working with unions


  • Discrimination and Harassment Claims: including assisting with and defending discrimination, harassment, vilification or other associated victimisation claims and complaints and undertaking thorough investigations and taking of evidence and making


  • Queensland Industrial Relations Commission: from advising on public sector employment claims, employment contract declarations to long service leave and appeals to the Industrial Court where relevant


  • Workplace Audits: including Australian Tax Office (ATO), Fair Work Ombudsman, Payroll and Workplace Health and Safety Investigations and audits.

How Can We Help?​


There are many different components to effective workplace relations we can help your business with. This list is not exhaustive and is a basic guide to help you.

Health & Safety

Our extensive experience in responding to workplace health and safety (WHS) incidents has enabled us to build a strong track record in protecting organisations and officers from legal risk. 

We offer industry-specific advice and practical solutions to WHS issues, ranging from proactive advice and training to responding to WHS issues and providing a comprehensive approach to safety and wellbeing.

In the immediate aftermath of a WHS incident, we provide support through appropriate incident reporting to proactively managing regulatory investigations. 

We have a strong success rate in securing enforceable undertakings with regulators as an alternative to prosecution. Additionally, we offer litigation services, including defending prosecutions, appearing in safety disputes, and participating in coronial inquests if required. 

We also provide support in drafting and settling policies, manuals, handbooks, contractor management systems, and advising on board reporting. 

How RHC Solicitors Help

We have experienced fraud, dishonesty and theft lawyers across Queensland. We deal with the police and attend the Magistrates Court and District Court every day and have handled thousands of fraud, dishonesty and theft offence matters.

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