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Business Restructuring

Queensland Business Restructuring Lawyers

Our team of business restructuring lawyers possesses the knowledge and capability to offer formidable advice to both private business individuals and corporate clients.

We excel in guiding clients through the process of corporate restructuring and strategic business development, ensuring the successful attainment of their short-term and long-term objectives, regardless of the size of their venture.

Mitigating Business Risks - Restructuring

We are dedicated to helping businesses establish robust risk management strategies and protocols to proactively prevent potential disasters, bankruptcy, administration or insolvency.

Careful budgeting and financial planning are vital aspects of safeguarding your business. Having a well-thought-out business recovery strategy in place ensures that your operations can continue smoothly in the aftermath of a disaster. We will work closely with you to identify and prioritise the most critical assets for your business, devising a comprehensive action plan to facilitate recovery from various potential scenarios. By doing so, we aim to secure the continuity and stability of your business, giving you the confidence to navigate uncertain times with resilience.

No matter the circumstance, whether our clients are currently dealing with immediate financial and corporate challenges or are proactively looking to safeguard their assets for the future through asset preservation, our team of business restricting lawyers are well-armed with the expertise and industry knowledge to cater to your goals. We offer top-notch restructuring advice and guidance, and should the situation call for it, our litigation team is readily accessible for assistance.

At RHC Solicitors, we possess extensive knowledge in managing distressed situations, benefitting creditors, investors, and debtors alike. Our strength lies in aiding you in minimising risk and navigating through complex scenarios with confidence. You can rely on us to provide comprehensive support, ensuring your financial and corporate stability even in challenging times.

Increasing Profit Margins Through Restructuring

At RHC Solicitors, our business restricting lawyers are well-versed in helping clients navigate through financial challenges and difficulties by guiding them towards successful restructuring solutions.

We understand the importance of exploring options to maximise profits whenever possible, and we offer a diverse range of options to address this challenge. Our primary goal is to assist you in overcoming financial hurdles and achieving a favourable outcome that preserves the stability and viability of your business, preserved your assets and increases liquidity.

Assisting Sole Traders Restructure

Our primary work in business restructuring includes assisting sole traders when their business continues to grow, and increased concern over personal and family assets exist.

There are numerous ways to help in these circumstances and we extensive advise on the varying options of structuring your business operations, whether through a family trust, a company, a partnership or otherwise.

Although there is no right or wrong way of a business structure, it depends on your needs and wants. As part of our role, we advise you on what structures may provide you wish better benefits, increased business liquidity and risk mitigation.

Statutory Restructuring – Shares

Utilising statutory procedures to change rights associated with shares held by members is often beneficial to our corporate clients. This will involve restructuring shares, for example, ones that lack voting rights on company matters to grant members the ability to vote. This strategic approach aims to instil confidence in the business among creditors, facilitating the restructuring of owed payments.

Asset Stripping

At RHC Solicitors, we also offer counsel on restructures that utilise asset disposal techniques. Asset sales are most effectively implemented as part of a comprehensive company-wide restructuring, when the identification of dispensable assets becomes evident. For instance, if a restructure strategy involves closing down a company branch or refocusing the business on a single industry, the assets related to the discontinued elements become redundant and can be divested.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Buying or merging an existing business can be easier than launching a new business from scratch and allows for ongoing cash flow for growth. We are here to guide and support you as you begin your business journey.


We treat your business like our own.

If you're ready to let go of your business and move onto your next adventure, we're here to deliver the right advice and help you seal the deal.


Don't be ignorant. If you don't get the right advice and guidance early, you could lose everything. That's precisely why we provide comprehensive risk management, contractual advice and drafting.


The growth of your business depends on the proper advice and support. We give you a personal solicitor who's on hand at any time, 24/7.

We have the know-how and experience to guide you through everyday matters, whether it's consumer or employment related, structuring, corporate advisory and recovery, licencing or otherwise.

Operational Issues 


Risk Management


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