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Signing a Contract
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What do conveyancing lawyers do?

Are you new to the property market, and have been asked by your agent for your conveyancer’s or solicitor’s details? Perhaps you aren’t sure where to start with the sale or purchase of property here in Queensland. As one of Queensland leading conveyancing solicitors, we encounter this query every day.

You will need a trusted and professional conveyancer to handle the legal requirements of buying or selling property. It’s that simple.

Conveyancers and solicitors, such as RHC Solicitors, may also provide further assistance in issue that are necessary for your conveyance such as estate planning and family law matters.

Not all conveyancers are the same, and their service inclusions can vary on a range of factors. It is crucial that you engage with a reputable company you trust, can rely and meet your requirements and expectations.

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Signing the Contract is just the beginning

There are many considerations, documents and obligations that must be met before the sale of property is finalised, otherwise known as “settlement.” Every property is different, and the scope of work will vary depending on the complexity of the property transaction.

The conveyancer ensures that your rights are protected, obligations are met, and that the sale can proceed without interruptions. For many people, they may only buy or sell property only a handful of times during their lives, and it is crucial that you engage with a law firm that can guide you through this complex process.

At RHC Solicitors, we can also prepare residential Contracts of Sale, and ensure any special conditions are included. Have confidence that a solicitor has drafted your contract to meet strict requirements, and ensure that you are protected throughout the entire process. We ensure that the Contract includes all the necessary disclosures and can liaise with the other party (Buyer or Seller) on your behalf.

If you already have a Contract of Sale, but have yet to sign it, we always recommend that you engage one of our solicitors to provide a comprehensive contract review. You may feel pressured to sign by the agent to other party, but it is vital that you understand all the terms and conditions of the Contract before entering into it. We can help guide you through the risks and meaning of clauses, and request amendments on your behalf to ensure you are making an informed decision before proceeding.

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So what am I actually paying for?

Conveyancing involves a lot of legal paperwork and document handling. It is a crucial component to any conveyance, and by engaging an experienced team you know that legal documents are prepared and completed correctly, ensuring that the property is correctly and legally transferred to the new owner. 

A conveyancer will also carry our relevant searches and prepare the required settlement documents. These searches are often performed by the Buyer, and can reveal a range of information about the property, and ensures that exact calculations are being made so adjustments and payments can be made at settlement.

Common searches include:

  • Title Search

  • Plan Search

  • Water Search

  • Rates Search

  • Land Tax Clearance Certificate

Your conveyancer will also handle most of the communication on your behalf, and ensure that your obligations are being met correctly and with the right terminology. This includes specific letters and emails, telephone calls and other communications involved in the conveyancing process that the average person simply does not understand.

Finally, the conveyancer will also prepare settlement with all parties. This includes arranging, booking and attending settlement, whether electronically (PEXA) or physically in person. They will liaise with your financier and ensure you are able to meet your financial obligations at this time.

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What do I need to do?

It is not the conveyancer’s role to be involved with your financing arrangements, but they will play a vital role in arranging settlement with your financier.

If you are purchasing, always ensure you are making arrangements with your lender and taking appropriate measures to obtain finance for the property.

If you are selling, and there is a mortgage over the property, you must immediately attend to the discharge of that mortgage so settlement can proceed.

Use our free mortgage calculator here to determine your ongoing financial situation.

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