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Cairns Conveyancing

Our experienced team deal with thousands of conveyancing and property matters every year.

Affordable Conveyancing in Cairns

Property lawyers in Cairns and conveyancing solicitors since 1983

We predominately practice in conveyancing as lawyers with experience since 1983. Since this time, we’ve dealt with tens of thousands of successful settlements. Our practice has been servicing Cairns and the whole of Queensland for over 37 years.

With this rich history, we’re trusted by locals in Cairns and can now deliver an efficient, user-friendly, affordable and proven online service. This means that you can sit back at home and relax whilst we do it all for you.

You can also have comfort knowing that with the click of a button you can always connect with one our solicitors by video conference. Alternatively, you can also visit one of our offices.

With us, you will receive high quality and hassle-free conveyancing at one of the most affordable prices in Queensland.

Quality Service

Every Time


Our reviews are a testament to our commitment to providing affordable conveyancing and quality service.


After all, we're here to work with you, understand your needs, and make your conveyancing journey simple.

Catered To Your Needs

We know that this can be a stressful time for you, especially if you are unfamiliar with the conveyancing process and need some extra support.


This is why our team have been carefully trained to make it easy for you, and take out the tedious and confusing legal aspects. We do this in three easy steps.

Catered to your needs

Why Do I Need A Conveyancer?

Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring ownership of property to a new owner.


This process involves a lot of legal documents, processes and regulatory requirements.

Missing the smallest piece of information can have large and costly impacts on your transaction, and can lead to other issues that may take a lifetime to recover from.

A conveyancer will do everything necessary and ensure you are prepared for critical dates during the process, deal with all the parties, and assist you in completing necessary forms to ensure your settlement proceeds smoothly.

RHC guide you through this complex process with proven experience, digital processes and regular communication.

Personalised Contract Review

We help you get the contract right

Getting the contract right is so important. That's precisely why we always ensure that a solicitor oversees a private, one-on-one contract review with you to get a clear understanding of exactly your needs and whether they translate properly in the contract.

We talk you through everything you need to know

Standard REIQ contracts are not easy to understand and there are lengthy obligations in the form of many contract clauses. This is notwithstanding how many other types of contracts there are.


We will take you through everything and assist you in negotiating a fair outcome. If you don’t read your contract, you could get yourself into a world of trouble, and may not understand the terms or otherwise mistakenly or indirectly omit vital clauses that are necessary to protect you. We always say that the most crucial stage to a conveyance is a valuable contract review performed by qualified lawyers you can trust.

We ensure tailored advice is given by a lawyer

Our advice is always specific to your needs and will cover essential clauses, obligations and risks. It will also bring attention to what exactly your special conditions may entail.

Feel at ease to sign the contract

Once your contract review has been completed, and you are satisfied and comfortable with the content of the contract, you may proceed with signing and presenting it to the other side.This is when the conveyancing process really begins.

Our fixed professional fee for Cairns

We understand the legal industry is changing. That’s why we’ve developed a fixed professional fee based on what most people need during the conveyancing process.


Even if you need some additional attention because you're a first-home buyer, we provide the best quality and affordable service for your needs.

Our Fees

Our best prices for Cairns

We've streamlined the conveyancing process so that we can keep our prices low so that there is more in your pocket for the moments that matter. The best way is the RHC way. 

Have Questions?

Call Us Now

If you have more questions or need more information, we're always at hand.


Enjoy Peace of Mind From Start to Settlement

Our experienced team assist clients from start to settlement with regular communication to ensure everything is running smoothly towards a successful outcome.

Our proven digital strategy means you can be confident that our team can assist you - no matter how complex your transaction may be.

Our Proven Process

We keep the conveyancing journey as simple and streamlined as possible, allowing you to focus on other components of your property transaction (such as financial arrangements and inspections), helping you save time and money. 

Getting The Right Searches

We're all about making sure you get the right searches based on your area and your individual needs. That's why we always undertake essential searches to ensure there is nothing owing on the property, and so that the proper adjustments can be made at Settlement.


Sometimes, however, optional searches may be required, especially if you have some serious concerns about flooding, infrastructure, easements or otherwise. To solve this, we always find the most affordable solution, whilst balancing those needs. This can give you confidence that if you do not need any complex searches, we will keep it to the minimal ones that will offer enough insight, whilst maximising your safety.


We achieve this by giving you the option to choose which optional searches you would like, whilst also pointing out which ones are the standard (minimal) ones. Most standard searches will give us enough information to carry out due diligence and calculations, whilst also protecting you. Our legal team are very familiar with the conveyancing process, and depending on the information you provide us will depend on the advice we give you and what searches we will recommend.


Whilst we give you the option to choose which searches are best for you (including information on what those searches mean for you), we will always balance your needs and ensure that we obtain up-to-date certificates at the right time during the conveyancing process.

We Will Always Take Care of You

Our firm was established on the premise of value and simplicity. This is our passion, and our fixed costs and online presence are proof.


Our team are highly experienced, backed by industry professionals who are passionate about delivering impeccable customer service. We do this by ensuring that the conveyancing process is simple whilst maintaining your confidence in us and our service.


Whether buying or selling, our experienced team will do all the necessary communication, organise and manage your legal documents and provide the right legal advice, all whilst balancing your needs and expectations. 

The legal industry has changed and people want to know that their needs are being met in an open, transparent and honest way. That’s why we are approved and recognised by The Queensland Law Society to provide legal services. We have the experience and necessary legal qualifications and insurance to deliver you this open, transparent and honest service. 


Trust that we offer simple, affordable and local conveyancing services.

Outdoor Dinner

Our team have mastered the art of conveyancing through decades of experience. During this time, we have never had a successful claim against us. This is because we know what we are doing, how to reduce risk, and take the hassle out of the process. 

We're leading the conveyancing industry in Cairns and are dedicated to each and every client by giving them relevant information that is catered to their needs. 

When it comes to conveyancing in Cairns, our team offer a seamless and down to earth interaction, always ensuring you are aware of each stage, whilst giving you alerts when necessary and enough information that you can understand what is going on. 

Our Cairns team are based in several key areas of Queensland. You will always reach a local Queenslander who understands the community, your needs, the marketplace and our unique culture.

Whether you are buying or selling your first home, looking to grow your property portfolio or simply investing in family, our Cairns team are always here for you. 

More about Cairns

More about the area

Why invest in Cairns?

Cairns is a modern and vibrant city, serving as the gateway to the beautiful Great Barrier Reef, Port Douglas and Daintree Rainforest. With consistent tropical weather, it is famously known as a tourist destination, and a growing place of migration domestically and internationally.

With a number of quality schools and universities, alongside a broad range of scenic and leisure activities, Cairns offers a balanced and relaxing lifestyle great to young families, retirement or those seeking a change from South-East Queensland.

Your Opportunities Are Endless...

Do you want to take advantage of the growing Cairns area? There are truly incredible opportunities available here and we're confident you won’t regret it. We’re also confident that we’re the right team to help you make this dream become a reality. With a rich cultural identity, growing facilities and services, infrastructure and transport, there’s no better place to invest than Cairns.

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