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Children and Parenting

Experienced Children & Parenting Lawyers

Our experienced family law solicitors understand the complexities of relationship breakdowns, and are here to assist you to navigate through this complex and stressful period. Reaching an agreement can be emotionally draining. We aim to keep it simple.

It is in a child's best interest for parents to reach an agreement, but all families are unique.

Should an agreement not be reached, RHC Solicitors can assist in negotiations in an attempt to avoid going to court.

In some situations, it may be necessary to proceed to court. If this occurs, the Court will consider what is in a child's best interest. Some considerations include:

  • the benefit of the child having a meaningful relationship with both parents

  • the need to protect the child from physical and psychological harm

Additional considerations may include:

  • the child's views depending on their maturity

  • the extent to which a parent has been involved in making decisions about the child, spending time with them and communicating with them

  • practicality issues such as the location of a parent

  • maturity, sex, lifestyle and background of the child and their parents (including culture and traditions)

  • many other factors

If you're needing some more information on relocating with children, click here

Otherwise, if you need more advice, we offer complimentary family law consultations to learn more about your unique situation and the best path forward.

How RHC Solicitors Help

We have experienced family lawyers across Queensland. Whether it is children and/or property matters, many issues can arise that need special consideration by our practitioners.

We have helped thousands of families navigate stressful and complex situations. We're affordable lawyers and often offer fixed fee quotes so that you know exactly what is ahead.

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