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International Child Disputes

Affordable International Child Dispute Family Lawyers

Our experienced family law solicitors understand the complexities of relationship breakdowns, and are here to assist you to navigate through this complex and stressful period. Sometimes you need to take extraordinary measures to protect your family. We're to help no matter how complex.

Unlike in Australia where parents have a presumed right of equal responsibility for a child, this is different around the world and can pose complex recovery measures.

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Disputes with families who flee internationally have significant effects on children and parents. Parents may take a child for a variety of reasons but ultimately it is the child's welfare that's paramount.

If you know the other parent is considering taking the child overseas and not returning, you can apply to restrain them, including putting the child on a watchlist maintained by the Australian Federal Police.

If the child has already been taken overseas, it is vital to contact us immediately to ensure you receive the proper advice, and so that we can help you take urgent action for recovery.

If a child has been taken to a country that is party to the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (The Hague Convention), there are special protocols to follow for return of the child. If this is not the case, more intrusive and specialised processes may need to be employed.

It is an emotional time, and each situation is treated sensitively case-by-case. We have experience in the recovery of children outside Australia and the complexities of international laws.

If you need more information on international child disputes, we offer complimentary family law consultations to learn more about your unique situation and the best path forward.

How RHC Solicitors Help

We have experienced family lawyers across Queensland. Whether it is children and/or property matters, many issues can arise that need special consideration by our practitioners.

We have helped thousands of families navigate stressful and complex situations. We're affordable lawyers and often offer fixed fee quotes so that you know exactly what is ahead.

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