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Signing a Contract
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Why should I choose a solicitor?

To answer this question, you need to understand the different roles of the people who are often involved in the transaction.

An agent is akin to a wing person as they are by your side and often help you understand the market and the value of your home and its pitfalls, including how best to market it.

The role of the agent is generally to:

  • Provide knowledge about the local property market 

  • Guide you through the types of sales, whether auction, private treaty or otherwise

  • Provide you with marketing solutions to maximise the chances of a sale 

  • Communicate with the parties involved in an effort to ‘seal the deal’ 

  • Arrange inspections and viewings 

  • Assist you in making a good judgement 

  • Act in your best interest 

  • Negotiate the sale price

The conveyancer on the other hand is generally a licensed professional who is able to help you formalise the deal, undertake searches, and navigate the complexities of regulatory forms. They are often not legally trained and so often do not have the legal expertise to give advice or to deal with major legal implications arising from the transaction.

Depending upon which State or Territory you are in depends on whether you can even legally engage a conveyancer.

A solicitor on the other hand can not only undertake the conveyance, but they also understand the law, legislative impacts and regulatory requirements and can give comprehensive advice on this to mitigate your risk.

A solicitor can also provide advice on the contract, its terms and conditions and meaning effect, including what your rights and obligations are legally and contractually. 

Why should you choose us?

The conveyancing process can be daunting for most people, especially if you're unfamiliar with how to complete title registry documents, knowledge of legal and contractual terms, and troubleshooting processes. This isn't to mention the importance of complying with critical dates, financial obligations and the risk of losing your deposit or contract.

This is why you should consider hiring us. We've been in the business since 1983. We know the process and how the law has developed. This means you can have confidence knowing an experienced team is on your side.

Unlike other conveyancing practices, you're not just getting a junior paralegal, you'll be given a team of professionals who will be by your side, in regular communication, and available on your time.

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We've streamlined the conveyancing process so that we can keep our prices low so that there is more in your pocket for the moments that matter. The best way is the RHC way. 

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Whether you own it or list it, our team keep it simple, and provide the most exceptional service that is personalised to you and streamlined for a hassle-free settlement.

Access to a Solicitor

With other firms, you often won't get access to a solicitor, and the risks are high. With us, you get access to a lawyer who reduces the risk and is available when you need.

Years of Experience

Our experienced team deal with conveyancing and property matters on an everyday basis. You can have confidence that we know the processes, the law and the practical aspects.

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