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Mutually Binding Wills

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Mutually Binding Wills

Unique and complex relationship may require additional safeguards to ensure your assets are protected.

Mutually Binding Wills

Mutually Binding Wills

Unique family situations may require unique estate solutions. Depending on your situation, particularly if you have a blended family, and want to ensure that you and your spouse provide for each other's children on your death, it may be appropriate to consider mutually binding Wills to avoid the risk of estate litigation.

How We Can Help

We have extensive experience when it comes to mutually binding Wills.

Depending on your situation, we can help you and your spouse protect one another and each other's children.

If you need more advice, we offer complimentary estate consultations to learn more about your unique situation and the best path forward.

It's incredibly important not to confuse a mutually binding Will with a mirror Will. Either way, we'll give you the right advice for your individual situation.

Mirror Wills

Mirror Wills are not binding on the parties, however, are simply identical in terms. A good example of which is a husband and wife leaving their estate to each other, and, on the death of the last of them, then the children take the estate equally. This is very common between couples who do not have step-children, and are in a typical nuclear family arrangement.

Mutually Binding Wills

A mutual Will is a binding agreement between two individuals to have their Wills drafted in a particular way, prohibiting them from later changing their Will on the death of the other or without that person's consent. Mutually binding Wills are very common when it comes to blended families, the purpose of which is to prevent the survivor excluding step-children.

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