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Property & Real Estate

Affordable and Experienced Real Estate Lawyers in Logan and Brisbane

The landscape of the real estate industry is constantly evolving due to factors such as population growth, city shaping, shifting government policies, and sustainable developments.

As demand for emerging assets continues to increase and there is greater focus on data and cyber security, landlords, property developers, asset managers, and financiers rely on our industry expertise to achieve their business objectives in areas such as investment, development, financing, and portfolio reshaping across various asset classes.

Our Expertise 

We have worked with various clients, multi-disciplinary and international teams, as well as specialist consultants and experts. We have extensive experience in:

  • Residential Leasing

  • Commercial Leasing 

  • Retirement Villages 

  • Residential Contracts

  • Development and Construction

  • Conveyancing 

  • Retail 


Innovative Solutions 

In the fast-paced real estate industry, clients need to adapt to ever-changing economic conditions, digital disruption, environmental, social and governance considerations, and regulatory changes. 

Our extensive experience advising large institutional real estate organisations in Australia and internationally allows us to combine technical expertise with industry insights and a focus on relationships and service excellence to provide commercially and legally sound advice that takes a practical, real-world approach.

Our goal is to support our client's objectives and goals while helping them implement risk mitigation strategies. 

We offer a range of services to address issues such as acquisitions and disposals, property development, leasing and conveyancing, employment, industrial relations and safety, dispute resolution and capital partnering investments including joint ventures and structuring. 

Our solutions are holistic, effective, and pre-emptive, ensuring that our clients are prepared for any challenges that arise in the real estate industry.

Ways We Can Help

Acquisitions and Disposals

Our focus is on assisting our clients in making effective strategic decisions while we navigate the complexities involved in major real estate transactions. This includes undertaking due diligence and risk assessments, structuring deals, preparing contract documentation, negotiating terms, and ensuring a smooth completion. 

Leasing and Conveyancing 

We have extensive experience in leasing and conveyancing. We believe in leverage cutting-edge technology, including the Property Exchange of Australia,  to ensure compliance and enhance performance. We also provide proper and adequate advice enabling our clients to make informed decisions. Our use of technology couples with our experience streamlines the completion of matters while minimising risk.

Retirement Villages 

Long gone are the days that only a few firms could offer retirement living experience. Our team of lawyers have extensive experience in retirement living in Queensland. Our services cover all stages of the process, including establishment, structuring, operation, and transactions related to retirement villages. We provide guidance on navigating the complex regulatory framework, drafting resident contracts, and offer a streamlined conveyancing process. We also assist in dispute management to ensure that our clients' interests are protected throughout the process. 

Structuring and Restructuring 

We offer advice on structuring to both public and private sectors, which includes guidance on the implications of corporate structures, property deals, group reorganisations, business acquisitions, leasing and financing arrangements, as well as governance. Our advice covers stamp duty and provides comprehensive solutions that cater to the specific needs of our clients.

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