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Private Education

Tailored Private Education Lawyers in Logan and Brisbane Southside

In general, education law covers the rights and responsibilities of both students and educators in regards to their interactions within public or private schools. 

This area of law encompasses a wide range of issues, such as the adequacy of special education services and the safeguarding of student records, as well as constitutional law matters. 

When it comes to private education, disputes over tuition, student association rights, accommodations for disabilities, discrimination, and the legality of affirmative action programs are all relevant.

We have personal experience in the challenge of advocating for children and private education facilities, particularly in relation to the potential conflicts that may arise. 

As education lawyers, we possess a thorough comprehension and appreciation of the respective rights and obligations of students and school administrators. Through our training and expertise, we are well-equipped to serve as advisors and passionate advocates to safeguard private education facilities and parents. 

Workplace Relations and Safety for Schools

Our services encompass the preparation of comprehensive staff policies and procedures that cover various crucial areas, including staff conduct, workplace discrimination and bullying prevention, grievance procedures, complaints handling, privacy, and teacher performance.

We also provide expert advice to principals and other managers on matters concerning the Queensland College of Teachers.

Additionally, we offer guidance on a wide range of workplace relations and safety matters, such as enterprise bargaining, employment agreements for teachers and executives, discipline and dismissal procedures, discrimination issues, grievance management, adverse action matters, and workplace health and safety.


Enrolment Rights, Obligations and Legislative Compliance


At RHC Solicitors, our experience covers a wide range of areas within the private education sector, including providing advice on student enrolment, conduct, and anti-discrimination issues and protecting and preserving religious rights.

Additionally, we are skilled at development and implementation of comprehensive policies and procedures that address various important aspects of the enrolment procedure, student and staff conduct, student disability accommodations, access to the curriculum, grievance procedures, complaints handling, privacy, and student protection, including measures to combat bullying (whether externally but deriving from school activities or ongoing internal student difficulties).

We also offer comprehensive advice on matters arising under key legislation, including the Education (Accreditation of Non-State Schools) Act 2001 (Qld), the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 (Qld), the Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010, and the Education and Care Services National Law Regulation 2011.

Our services extend to preparing enrolment contracts and fee arrangements to ensure clarity and fairness and also debt recovery for missed student fees.

In addition, we effectively represent educational institutions in various disputes, ranging from governing body and committee disputes to discrimination complaints, parental complaints, and student protection matters (including handling and dealing with child safety issues).


Planning and Property Matters

Our services cover a diverse range of property-related matters, including the acquisition and sale of properties (both residential and commercial), including additional land and the disposal of unwanted property. This experience allows us to excel in negotiating planning and infrastructure outcomes, both with the Queensland Government and various local governments throughout Queensland.

Our expertise extends to advising on project structuring, encompassing development agreements and joint ventures as well as offering guidance on all property law matters, including easements and other usage rights.

Our proficiency includes advising on and negotiating various types of leases, such as leases for vacant land, buildings, or parts of buildings, and working with suppliers and contractors.

For some schooling institutions, it is also critical to obtain the right advice on stamp duty consequences, and the best ways to structure deals to gain exemptions from duty.

Some of our recent experience also involved dealing with neighbourhood disputes with bordering residential and commercial properties to a high profile private school.

Other Ways We Can Help

Our law firm provides legal services for education-related matters to parents, students, and institutional clients, particularly private schools. 

Our services encompass a variety of issues such as student disciplinary matters, special education concerns, bullying and harassment, school search and seizures, expulsion hearings, freedom of speech and religious observance, freedom of information and open meeting laws, tuition disputes, and denial of accommodations. We can also assist with recovery of school fees. 

Our firm also provides representation for teachers and school personnel who may be facing disputes with public, private or independent schools, as well as those who are being investigated by the regulatory bodies. Our services cover a range of legal issues, including: 

  • Misconduct hearings

  • Employment disputes

  • Free speech concerns

  • Contract non-renewal and denials of tenure

  • Religious rights

  • Insurance disputes, including occupiers liability, rehabilitations and claims management

  • Litigation services, including in relation to personal injuries

  • Physical or sexual abuse claims and compensation

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