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Spousal Maintenance

Experienced Property Settlement Family Lawyers

Our experienced family law solicitors understand the complexities of relationship breakdowns, and are here to assist you to navigate through this complex and stressful period. If your relationship has broken down, you may be entitled to continued financial maintenance.

If your relationship has broken down, and your circumstances are such that you may be dependent on your spouse due to incapacity, illness, having young children or many other reasons then you may be entitled to spousal maintenance.

Spousal maintenance (also referred to as alimony) is where one spouse will provide continued financial support to the other upon the breakdown of the marriage or de facto relationship. It is also distinct from child support in that it is specific to the spouse receiving the support and not the child.

At RHC Solicitors, we've handled many successful spousal maintenance applications, which are generally payable where:

  • one party needs financial support

  • the other party has the capacity to provide financial support

  • it is appropriate in the circumstances

There are strict time limitations to apply for spousal maintenance so it's important to act without delay.

If you need more information on spousal maintenance, we offer complimentary family law consultations to learn more about your unique situation and the best path forward.

How RHC Solicitors Help

We have experienced family lawyers across Queensland. Whether it is children and/or property matters, many issues can arise that need special consideration by our practitioners.

We have helped thousands of families navigate stressful and complex situations. We're affordable lawyers and often offer fixed fee quotes so that you know exactly what is ahead.

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